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Prometheus Lab Update

As for specific services, this testing is generally ordered by GI docs.

Kaiser Permanente Colorado has moved away from using Prometheus Laboratory.  Please do not give Kaiser Permanente Colorado members a Prometheus requisition.

If specific testing is required that was previously sent to Prometheus, please see the other lab test choices offered below:

IBD sgi Diagnostics

Quest TC 16503-IBD Differentiation Panel

Monitr Crohn's Disease

Quest TC 16503-IBD Differentiation Panel

Celiac Serology

KPCO-IGA with HTTG Celiac disease panel

TPMT Genetics

Quest TC 377428-TPMT Genotype

TPMT Enzyme

Quest TC 18831-TPMT Activity

Thiopurine Metabolites 

Quest TC 91745-Thiopurine Metabolites

Anser ADA

Quest TC 36296-Adalimumab Level

Anser IFX

Mayo-Infliximab or Inflectra

Anser UST

HalioDX-Ustekinumab & Ustekinumab Ab

Anser VZD



Quest TC 18692-Nash Fibrosure