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The Kaiser Permanente formulary listings include brand name and generic medications, and notes which medications have restrictions on their prescribing.

Specialty drug information

View a list of pharmacies that dispense certain specialty drugs:

Colorado HMO Specialty Pharmacy Info*

Kaiser Permanente Medicare Part D formulary*

Kaiser Permanente – Colorado HMO and Marketplace drug formulary change request form*

Medicare Part D - Provision of Notice

Medicare Part D Benefit Coverage - Formulary Deletion - Brand Lyrica*

Medicare Part D Benefit Coverage - Formulary Deletion*

Medication Prior Authorization Requests

     KPCO Pharmacy Authorization Guidelines

A coverage exception for a non formulary or a restricted medication may be requested through:

     Medication Request form (MRF)*


     CoverMyMeds (instructions)*

Northern Colorado Network Pharmacies

Northern Colorado Pharmacy Services Member Flyer*

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