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Provider Information

Clinical guidelines

We provide clinical practice guidelines as a reference for health care professionals within the Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program.

Provider manuals

The Kaiser Permanente Affiliated Provider Manuals provide guidelines for contracted Network Providers to use when interacting with Kaiser Permanente of Colorado and augment your Network Provider contract.

Find doctors and locations

Now you can search for physicians, departments, facilities, and more, all in one place. Just select your area and choose the way you prefer to search.

Principles of Responsibility*

The Kaiser Permanente Principles of Responsibility (POR) is the code of conduct for KP physicians, employees and contractors working KP facilities in their daily work environment.

Professional Review Process*

CPMG extends those affiliate providers that it credentials the same fair hearing rights as extended to CPMG members in the case of an adverse action for quality of care that may be reportable to the NPDB. These fair hearing rights are described herein.

Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) Notifications*

Learn how providers can register to receive ADT notifications per requirements of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Conditions of Participation.

Trauma Activation Inpatient Admissions and Pre-Payment Billing Reimbursement Changes

See link below for specific changes:

21 07 28 CO Expansion Work

NEW reporting requirements for Kaiser Permanente patients

We need your help with our reporting requirements. If you are taking care of Kaiser Permanente patients and are aware of their deceased status, it is important you report this information back to Kaiser Permanente. You can do so by calling the Appointment and Advice Contact Center at 303-338-4545 or 1-800-218-1059, any time day or night. You may report this information to a call center agent who will chart the member's information as deceased. Thank you for your help and cooperation with this effort.

Direct Admission to Skilled Nursing Facility from
Clinic in Northern/Southern Colorado Regions

Visiting Member Brochure*

Visiting Member Guidelines*

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