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Transplant Services information

Support from leadership
Outreach and training efforts


The National Transplant Services (NTS) was created in 1995 to address the oversight of transplant services for Kaiser Permanente members. The goal of the NTS is to provide members with access to a network of transplant programs located at premier medical centers where successful outcomes are predictably high. The NTS is dedicated to assuring continued access to premier transplant programs, which meet or exceed the NTS's stringent site selection criteria and are known nationally for their respective transplant programs. Our national structure allows us to improve levels of service and utilization of limited resources.

NTS provides case management and quality management/improvement activities for members seeking or having received a solid organ or blood and marrow transplant. The NTS is a unique program within KP – we support every region, handle both individual patient and transplant population clinical issues, carry out traditional health plan functions (referrals, authorizations), work with internal and external providers, ensure our patients have the necessary clinical services, provide ongoing transplant-related patient education, and monitor the quality of the care provided by our transplant centers.

Support from leadership

The senior leadership of our organization is a vocal supporter of our organization's Health Disparities Vision/Strategy Statement: "Kaiser Permanente will be a leader in eliminating disparities in health and health care..."

In practical terms, this means that NTS and National Provider Contracting and Network Development are working daily toward the goal of helping to eliminate health care disparities (by encouraging donor awareness, especially in communities of color) and by improving health (by facilitating transplants) in all the communities that we serve.

NTS’s mission is to lead KP in transplant population management by organizing integrated, comprehensive care and identify evidence-based improvement opportunities that elevate quality and the care experience for our members.

Outreach and training efforts

Here is a partial list of the events that we support through our internal donor awareness campaign (the "Gift of a Hero") on behalf of the organization:

    Black History Month celebrations
    Asian American History Month celebrations
    Latino Month celebrations
    "Black Expo" (sponsored by the City of Oakland, CA to support the local African-American community)
    Diversity Day celebrations
    KP's annual National Diversity Conference
    Multi-cultural fairs
    Marrow drives to add potential donors to the National Registry