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Provider Information

KP HealthConnect Online-Affiliate

You will be asked to sign on to confirm benefits and eligibility, view member's records, research clinical information, and more.

Provider manuals

The provider manual includes information for both the fully insured and the self-funded programs. You will be asked to sign on to access the Georgia provider manual.

KP Payors Information

Click here for a listing of Kaiser Permanente's Payors and "Other Payors".

Physician reference guides

Download a Quick Reference Guide for your area with product information, phone and fax numbers of frequently used services, and other useful information..

Clinical guidelines

Expand your knowledge and enhance patient care.

Physician Triage and Support Program (PTSP)

The Physician Triage and Support Program is available to assist affiliated providers who care for our members in community hospitals and Emergency Departments.

Become a provider

Discover how to become a community provider with us.

Find doctors and locations

Search for physicians, departments, facilities, and more by selecting your area and the way you prefer to search.

Contact provider relations

Find contact information for the Kaiser Permanente Provider Relations and specific Kaiser Permanente Departments and services.

Visiting Member Brochure

Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT) Notifications*

Learn how providers can register to receive ADT notifications per requirements of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Conditions of Participation.

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